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Laboratory of Micrometrics

Projects by the Laboratory of Micrometrics, financed from public resources

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Project Manager

New tools and methods for the analysis of the coal-methane system. The LIDER Programme, National Centre for Research and Development, 2013-2015

Assisting ventilation staff in mines in combating methane and outburst hazards: developing tools and procedures based on the specialist knowledge and experience, N R009 0038 06/2009

Assoc. Prof. Mariusz Młynarczuk

Conducting safe mining exploitation in the conditions of accumulation and coincidence of the ventilation, methane, and fire hazards – a model, 0573/R/T02/2007/03, project no. R09 025 03, 2007-2010

PhD Eng. Mirosław Wierzbicki

Innovative methods of improving the safety of mine employees in the aspect of coal and methane outburst hazard in hard coal mines, 2006-2009

Modelling of the contaminant transport from an underground waste depository and elevated post-exploitation caverns, 2002-2005

Assoc. Prof. Mariusz R. Sławomirski

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