Research activities

Laboratory of Rock Deformation

Major research areas include:

  • investigation of physical properties of rocks,
  • measurements of rock strata deformations in situ,
  • impacts of underground mining operation on the surface,
  • numerical modelling,
  • model testing on a loose media.

Major achievements

in the field of testing the physical properties of rocks:

  • methods of testing the strain fluctuations in loose media,
  • controlling the bending moment of an axially compressed sample,
  • techniques of testing rock properties under elevated pressures,
  • measurements of solid deformations under pressure,
  • rock properties,
  • testing methodology.

in the area of rock strata deformations:

  • ground deformations,
  • flexional deformations of lines and material surfaces,
  • supplementing the existing Classification of Mine Area Protection to incorporate dynamic strain indicators,
  • determining the impacts of periodic interruption of the underground face operations on the ground surface.

in the area of mathematical modelling:

  • interactions between buildings and the ground being deformed,
  • selection of material laws applicable to geological materials.

in the area of model testing of loose media:

  • testing methodology,
  • finding the optimal mining methods to minimise the surface impacts.
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