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The main research areas pursued at Strata Mechanics Research Institute are the following: rock physics, physicochemistry of liquid and gas flow, geomechanics, geotechnics, mining technologies, and selected issues concerning environmental engineering, particularly:

  • the mechanical properties of rocks and their geometrical structures,
  • the non-steady flows of fluid in networks,
  • the flows of fluid in porous media,
  • the metrology of fluid and solids,
  • the issues related to environmental protection, environmental engineering, and mine environment,
  • fields of stress and dislocation in rock strata.

Taking into account the current needs of the Polish economy and further integration of the European Union, Strata Mechanics Research Institute has directed its statutory scientific activity at the application of IT technics and innovative technologies within the following subject: "Interconnected phenomena in fluid and a rock media".

The main areas of research within this program include:

  • prediction of hazards to the underground and surface infrastructure caused by strata with application of computer modeling,
  • exploring the possibilities of using strata for fuel or waste storage (including toxic and radioactive waste),
  • new methods and devices for determining the parameters of gas flow,
  • the development of ventilation forecasting based on monitoring and numerical simulation methods.
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