Stationary vane anemometer MPP

A stationary vane anemometer MPP is a professional airflow rate meter, intended for industrial applications in most adverse working conditions, in particular in underground mines. It employs state-of-the-art engineering solutions enabling the system operation in the conditions of exposure to mechanical shocks, large humidity and high temperature differences. The anemometer is wholly made from acid-resistant steels, which allows for use in places threatened by the presence of potentially noxious and chemically-aggressive gases. To achieve the highest quality features and to meet the lowest uncertainty requirement, the sensor components are made on the state-of-the-art CNC machining centres. To improve its robustness, the metal components are joined by unique welding methods. The anemometer offers excellent metrological features, is compatible with several data transfer standards and enables the effective control of actuator devices. The MPP anemometer allows the ongoing data recording in the emergency conditions, after the transmission line has been damaged. A signal and display monitor MPP LCD can be connected too, to enable the local monitoring of measurement data and signalling of emergency conditions. The anemometer has the capability of ambient temperature measurements.

On application of an adequate metrological procedure, the anemometer MPP can be used as a local meter of volumetric flow rate.

MPP anemometers are widely employed in mines in Vietnam.

The anemometer MPP won the Special Award in the competition "Innovative Solutions in Design of Mining Machines and Systems", in the category "Innovations" at the International Fairs of Mining, Power Engineering and Metallurgy "Katowice 2011".

Solutions implemented in the anemometer MPP are subject to legal protection.

Technical data:

  • measuring range:
    • ± (0.20 ÷ 5.00 ms-1),
    • ± (0.20 ÷ 10.00 ms-1),
    • ± (0.20 ÷ 15.00 ms-1),
    • ± (0.20 ÷ 20.00 ms-1),
  • minimal measurable velocity: ± (0.18 ± 0.01 ms-1),
  • uncertainty: ± (0.5%rdg* + 0.05 ms-1),
  • sampling frequency: 1 Hz - velocity averaging time: 1 s,
  • memory capacity: 5 h of instantaneous value measurements of temperature and real time of measurements,
  • measuring head diameter: 100 mm,
  • outside temperature range (optional): -50°C ÷ 125°C,
  • intrinsic (spark-proof) safety category: I M1 EEx ia I, II 1GD Ex ia IIB T6,
  • WE certificate: OBAC 09 ATEX 119X,
  • material: acid-resistant steel 1.4306/1.4404,
  • data transfer interface: frequency range: 8-10-12 kHz; voltage: 0.4-1.2-2.0 V; current intensity: 412-20 mA (option); digital: RS485,
  • optic-insulated control output: 2 x (I = 0.1 A, U = 60 V, P = 0.4 W),
  • housing protection: IP 65,
  • dimensions (with the fixing band): 157 x 140 x 263 mm,
  • weight: 4 kg.

* rdg = reading

Standard equipment:

  • connecting cable 5mb,
  • calibration certificate issued by the duly accredited V,
  • User's Manual,
  • wooden box for transportation.

Additional equipment:

  • dedicated software for communication with a computer + interface RS485-USB. The software allows the updates of the anemometer processor software to be downloaded from the LSP IMG PAN website.

In the software supplied to the user certain functions are disabled, including the change of the characteristics and of the operating mode as set by the manufacturer.

The sole distributor of the anemometers is the Automatic System Completion and Assemblage Company "CARBOAUTOMATYKA" SA.

INFORMATION: PhD, Eng. Janusz Kruczkowski

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