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Division of Mine Ventilation

Research Topics at the Division

The Mine Ventilation Division conducts a broad range of scientific research and development activities in the field of mine ventilation. This includes the study of unsteady air and gas flow in complex networks of workings, ducts, pipelines, and other ventilation systems under flow disturbance conditions. The division also develops methods for measuring gas flow using thermoanemometry and anemometry, employing modern instruments for measuring flow velocity, temperature, and gas pressure, which are mainly designed and manufactured at the Institute. Additionally, advanced numerical studies are carried out to support the modeling of gas flows in the mining environment and complex ventilation systems.

Main Research Areas of the Division

  1. Ventilation and Gas Flow:
    • Forecasting unsteady air and gas flow in complex networks of mine workings.
    • Research on gas flow measurement using thermoanemometry and anemometry.
    • Verification of developed theories and analyzed physical phenomena and processes through experimental work.
  1. Metrological and Calibration Research:
  1. Work Safety in Mining:
    • Research in the area of mining work safety, leading to obtaining expert certification for mining operations from the President of the Higher Mining Authority.
    • Participation of laboratory experts in problem-solving commissions and in formulating guidelines for modernizing mining regulations and providing opinions on issues arising from mining disasters.
  1. Physicochemical Phenomena in Burning Spoil Heaps:
    • Extinguishing heating spoil heaps.
    • Heat removal from spoil heaps.
    • Elimination of spoil heaps.
  2. Processes in the Mining Face Area:
    • Studies considering the operation of the mining complex and conducting degassing.
  1. Modeling, design, and experimental studies:
    • Measurement and recording of mine atmosphere parameters in the face area during the operation of the mining complex.
    • Thermoanemometric measurements of three-dimensional velocity distributions in the sidewall zone of the mine working.
    • Design and execution of experimental studies (at both laboratory and industrial scales) describing turbulent phenomena in fluid flow within complex geometric structures.
    • Determination of dynamic properties of various types of sensors for measuring physical parameters of the mine atmosphere.
    • Development of computer programs with graphical visualization of numerical simulation results – VentGraph package.
    • Utilization of commercial CFD codes to determine important quantities characterizing air movement and air-methane mixture in a complex network of mine workings.

Head of the Division

Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Wacław  Dziurzyński
phone: 12 637-62-00 (82)

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