Strata Mechanics Research InstitutePolish Academy of Sciences

The focus of the scientific activity of the Strata Mechanics Research Institute is basic, cognitive, and applied research. In large part, it is still related to the current scientific issues concerning mining, especially in the field of mining safety engineering and the impact of mining activity on the natural environment.

Strata Mechanics Research InstitutePolish Academy of Sciences

The Institute is constantly developing measurement methods, and, being in possession of some unique equipment, is also carrying out experimental research in laboratories and on real objects, as well as numerical experiments. The knowledge gained thereby, together with unique measuring devices and highly qualified staff, made it possible to establish the Calibration Laboratory for Ventilation Measuring Instruments, which, in 2008, received the accreditation no. AP 118.

Strata Mechanics Research InstitutePolish Academy of Sciences

The Institute's scope of research includes some problems that so far have not been satisfactorily solved, such as the methods of controlling rocks and gas outbursts, methods of forecasting the process of ventilation in complex network structures and in the porous medium, or investigating the physical properties of rocks with fluid-filled pores.

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Applied Geotechnical Engineering conference – statement

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INSA Haut de FranceSystem for positioning of thermoanemometers and example of application for air velocity analysis in a mine gallery

Applied Geotechnical Engineering Conference

Strata Mechanics Research Institute, Polish Academy of Science and DMT GmbH & Co. KG invite to the international scientific conference Applied Geotechnical Engineering, which will take place ...

The area of the Laboratory's activity are methods of measuring environmental parameters and derivative parameters related to their temporal and spatial analysis.

The Laboratory conducts research on gasogeodynamic phenomena and stereological analysis as a method of quantitative determination of geometric structure of materials, especially rocks.

The activity of the Laboratory includes research of physical properties of rocks, measurements of rock mass deformation in situ, the influence of mining exploitation on the surface and numerical modelling.

The subject matter of the research works is related to the states of transient air and gas flows in the mine ventilation network.

Our offer

We invite you to get acquainted with the range of services and solutions currently offered by the Strata Mechanics Research Institute, including a wide variety of measurement devices designed and fabricated in our laboratories and a range of services related to ventilation measurements and expert's opinions, stereological and endurance analyses of rocks. Other services available at our Institute include calibration of measurement devices in an accredited calibration laboratory.

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