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Stationary MPP wing anemometer

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The MPP stationary wing anemometer is a professional air velocity meter designed for use in harsh industrial environments, with particular emphasis on underground mining plants (mechanical impacts, high humidity, large temperature differences). It allows the measurement of ambient temperature. It is entirely made of acid-resistant steels (allows use in areas where aggressive chemical gases can be expected), and its components are made on modern CNC machining centers. To increase the resistance of the instrument, unique technologies for welding metal components were used. The anemometer allows you to continue recording data in emergency conditions, after the transmission line is damaged. It is possible to connect a readout-signaling monitor of the MPP LCD type, allowing local viewing of measurement data and signaling of alarm conditions. After applying an appropriate metrological procedure, the MPP anemometer can be used as a local flux meter.

The MPP anemometer received an honorable mention in the “Innovative Solutions in the Construction of Mining Machinery and Equipment” competition in the INNOVATIONS category, at the International Fair of Mining, Power Generation and Metallurgy “Katowice 2011”.

Technical data:

  • speed measurement range: ±(0,20-5,00 ms-1):
    • ±(0,20-10,00 ms-1),
    • ±(0,20-15,00 ms-1),
    • ±(0,20-20,00 ms-1),
  • minimum measured speed: ±(0,18-0,01 ms-1),
  • measurement uncertainty: ±(0,5%rdg* + 0,05 ms-1),
  • measurement frequency: 1 Hz,
  • time of averaging speed values: 1 s,
  • memory capacity: 5 h of measurements of instantaneous values of speed, temperature and the actual time of taking measurements,
  • diameter of the measuring head: 100 mm,
  • outdoor temperature measurement range (optional): -50 ÷ +125°C,
  • intrinsic safety category and group: I M1 EEx ia I, II 1GD Ex ia IIB T6,
  • EC certificate: OBAC 09 ATEX 119X,
  • execution: acid resistant steel1,4306/1,4404,
  • communication interface: frequency: 8-10-12 kHz:
    • voltage: 0,4-1,2-2,0 V,
    • current: 4-12-20 mA (opcja),
    • digital: RS485.
  • optically isolated control outputs: 2 x (I = 0.1 A, U = 60 V, P = 0.4 W),
  • Degree of protection of the housing: IP 65,
  • dimensions with mounting bracket: 157 x 140 x 263 mm,
  • weight: 4 kg * rdg = reading = indicated value.

Standard equipment:

  • connection cable 5 m,
  • calibration certificate issued by the accredited Calibration Laboratory of Ventilation Measurement Instruments IMG PAN,
  • operating instructions – DTR,
  • wooden packaging designed for transportation.

Wyposażenie dodatkowe:

  • software for communication with a computer + RS485-USB interface. The software provided to the user has some functions locked, including changing the characteristics and changing the factory operating configuration.
Program for MPP

The exclusive distributor of the anemometer is:  Przedsiębiorstwo Kompletacji i Montażu Systemów Automatyki “CARBOAUTOMATYKA” S.A.

INFORMATION: Ph. Eng. Janusz Kruczkowski,


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