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Works of IMG PAN

The Transactions of the Strata Mechanics Research Institute publishes the results of theoretical and experimental research on fluid mechanics, rock mechanics, buildings in the mining areas, stereology, ventilation, metrology, image analysis.

The Transactions are indexed in the: Index Copernicus, BazTech, PBN/POL-Index.

Index: ISSN 1643-1030 (1509-2593 until 2001).

Editorial Committee:

  • Series editor: Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Wacław Dziurzyński,
  • Editorial secretary: Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Paweł Ligęza,
  • Technical editor: Ba. Jan Palacz,
  • Theme editor: Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Paweł Ligęza.

International Scientific Council:

  • Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Wacław Trutwin (Strata Mechanics Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences) – Chairman,
  • Prof. Tadeusz Dobrowiecki (Budapest University of Technology and Economics),
  • Prof. Petr Martinec (Institute of Geonics AS CR),
  • Prof. Bolesław Stasicki (DLR German Aerospace Center),
  • Prof. Andrzej Wala (University of Kentucky),
  • Prof. Eleonora Widzyk-Capehart (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation),
  • Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Wacław Dziurzyński (Strata Mechanics Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences),
  • Prof. D.Sc. Eng. Paweł Ligęza (Strata Mechanics Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences).

Information for authors:

  • complete material for printing should include: title of the work, editorial review, basic text, and tables and drawings with captions,
  • the works are delivered in electronic form (it is recommended to use Microsoft Word text editor) and in paper form,
  • basic assumptions of the prepared texts:
    • paper size: A4,
    • the font of the basic text: Times New Roman,
    • margins, paragraphs and intervals: any,
    • drawings in formats: cdr, jpg, tif, bmp or eps, with a maximum width of 134 mm,
    • black and white drawings in the text, coloured as a separate insert,
    • the font next to the descriptions in the drawings: Arial CE of size 8-10 points,
    • mathematical formulae prepared in Math Type (or Microsoft Equation) and included in the main text.
  • the text of the work submitted according to the template will be forwarded to the author for authorization and correction,
  • the editorial office ensures high quality of edited works and a short publishing cycle.

Review form and criteria for assessing articles – PDF file to download

Counteracting the phenomena of ghostwriting, guest authorship and violations of scientific ethics and copyrights

In order to counteract unethical phenomena of ghostwriting (not mentioned co-author of the publication), guest authorship (co-author has made a negligible contribution to the publication) and violations of scientific ethics and copyrights, the editorial staff presents the following rules:

  • the principal author of the publication (the author submitting the publication) is responsible for the fair determination and disclosure of the affiliation of all co-authors and their contribution to the work, the role and percentage share of all co-authors and the ownership of the copyright in the materials contained in the publication,
  • when submitting a paper for publication, the principal author of the publication, in consultation with all co-authors, should provide information on the sources of funding of the publication, the contribution to the creation of publications of individual institutions to which the authors are affiliated, and persons, universities, institutes and other entities (such as scientific societies, associations and others),
  • the principal author of the publication and the co-authors are responsible for the observance of scientific ethics and good manners in their publication, as well as for not infringing the copyrights of third parties,
  • it is a good practice to include in the publication thanks to all persons and institutions that have contributed to the work,
  • the submission of an article for publication is tantamount to ensuring that authors meet all the above requirements concerning scientific ethics and legal compliance.

The editorial staff informs that the above mentioned phenomena of ghostwriting, guest authorship and copyright infringement are unethical and constitute a manifestation of scientific unreliability, and any detected cases will be disclosed, documented and reported to relevant institutions and organizations.

Declaration of the original version:

It is hereby informed that for all publications, whether published on paper or online, the original and main version is the paper version.

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