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Strata Mechanics Research Institut
Polish Academy of Sciences
Reymonta 27 Str.
30-059 Cracow

Phone: +48 12 637 62 00
Fax: +48 12 637 28 84
Contact with IOD

REGON: 000326368
VAT No.: PL-675-000-18-40


Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
Pilotów 2 Str.
31-462 Cracow
PLN: PL04 1130 1150 0012 1202 6020 0006
EUR: PL57 1130 1150 0012 1202 6020 0022


Srata Mechanics Research Institute

Polish Academy of Sciences

The object of the Strata Mechanics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, is to conduct scientific research in the field of rock physics, physico-chemistry of fluid and gas flows, geomechanics, geotechnics, mining technology and selected issues of environmental engineering

Srata Mechanics Research Institute

Polish Academy of Sciences

The institute develops measurement methods and, thanks to its unique apparatus, conducts experimental research in laboratories and on real objects, as well as numerical experiments. Acquired knowledge, unique measuring apparatus and qualified personnel enabled the establishment of the Calibration Laboratory for Ventilation Measuring Instruments, which in 2008 received accreditation No. AP 118.

Srata Mechanics Research Institute

Polish Academy of Sciences

The scientific activities of Strata Mechanics Research Institute of Polish Academy of Scienses focus on basic cognitive and applied research. To a large extent, it is related to the ever-present scientific problems of mining, especially in the field of safety engineering of conducting underground work and its impact on the environment.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with our current offer, among which you will find a wide range of measuring instruments designed and manufactured at Institut, as well as services related to ventilation measurements and expertise, stereological and rock strength tests. We also offer services related to calibration of measuring instruments in an accredited calibration laboratory.


Pracownia Metrologii Przepływów
Pracownia Mikromerytyki
Pracownia Odkształceń Skał
Pracownia Wentylacji Kopalń


Laboratorium Wzorcujące Wentylacyjne Przyrządy Pomiarowe

Laboratory for Calibration of the Ventilation Measuring Devices

Laboratorium Systemów Pomiarowych

Measurement Systems Laboratory

Laboratorium Optycznych Metod Pomiarowych

Laboratory of Optical Measurement Methods

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